Opila (Iron KnightConcept using a TDL Nanny Droid).


She's got some nice modifications and upgrades :)

The face is a really big improvement over the original; IMHO the original TDL Lioness face would look cheesy and be a hard sell for this type of character. Does the blue visor light strobe side to side? If the light was red, (or ever turned red), she'd be even more reminiscent of a Cylon. The blue light is cool though, more easily to identify she's friendly, or at least not a Sith.

The hood and cape again is a nice touch. Makes her look more like a unique character rather than just another random droid walking down the street. Guess that could be both good and bad, pending the situation.

Definitely keep up the series!

Core to the Quad baby!!!

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Thank you guys. I'm very happy you like this.
I love working with the Iron Knights concept, a great idea that has had little write up in the Star Wars universe.
Yes it does scroll side to side. ;) lol
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