Crystal Roshia - Grey Jedi

New Request from Xan for an update of this Character.

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This is infused with a lot of awesomeness. The background is amazing, and would overshadow anything less than stellar foreground art. Luckily, this has that. Cheers to Mercy. :)
The GM knows the will of the force.


Totally cool, that nebula brings out the awesomeness, and she just rocks!

Another WAASTHOOME to mercy!


This would only be more awesome if it was a DOUBLE NEBULA (all the way across the sky).

I love what you do with hair, Mercy!

Lord Crumb

Awesome...Absoultely Awesome. The look on her face gives the impression that she is not to be taken lightly.

Kia kaha


Just so you all know - I'm wearing the biggest stupid grin right now!
Thanks everyone! I'm glad you all like so much!!


I wasn't going to comment...but she told me to.

Very nice.

yo ho ho and a glitterspice ale...


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