Talas Piran. Near-human slaver [Hisham]

Hello everybody, it's been a long time since I made a request.

First off, I would like to thank all the artists that participate on this site for their time. It is really a great thing that SW fans can come to this place and have their request made for them.

Second, I would like to apologize in advance for any errors in syntax or grammar found on the request. I am not an English native-speaker, and I know that what I write sometimes sounds incorrect. I hope it’s not too horrible.

I am currently running a Star Wars D6 game and the current baddie the PCs are after is an old character from a WEG sourcebook, Talas Piran. Since he is the main baddie, I want something more than just the original drawing to show to my players.

I have two images in my mind, and well either one would work great for me (But, of course, both would be even better!).

One of the images I need, would be a regular drawing of the Talas himself. No offense meant to Cristina Wald (The original artist) but some of her earlier work, such as this, leave a bit to be desired. Just a regular portrait or full-body pic would do, especially if it is in color.

I already colored the picture myself, but my skills with Photoshop are basic at best, and the end result is not very impressive. Here:

I would appreciate if the artist, if possible, used the same palette that I used (Which mostly follows the colors already stated in the sourcebook). If the artist could also include one of his preferred weapons or both, that would be awesome too (Neuronic Whip and Vibro-axe). I would also like him to be wearing the chest plate of his snowtrooper armor as detailed below.

The second image I want would be a full body pic of Talas in his armor. This one is a little more involved so let me explain:

On the book he is mentioned as wearing “the chest plate of an old suit of snowtrooper armor”. His background indicates that he was a slave for a log-cutting company that outfitted their workers with those “old suit of snowtrooper armor” when they went logging on the frigid forests of Hintivan II. I decided that that “old suit” is nothing other than Clone cold assault trooper armor:

The Empire sold those armors in limited quantities to friendly corporations (For example a slave using logging corporation) so their employees could operate in cold climates.

But here is the catch; the armor would not be stark white anymore. If you think about it, the Empire wouldn’t want to get those high tech armors out on the market and have them potentially be used against them in a military engagement. Furthermore, the slave drivers wouldn’t want their slaves to be clad in something that would give them an edge for escaping. That is why I think that all these armors would have been re-painted in a coat of some bright color to ostensibly, facilitate the identification of fellow “workers” and minimize logging accidents (Just as construction workers often wear orange jackets, and some such), but also this would nullify the camouflage element of the armors and would make keeping an eye on the slaves an easier task.

I am not particular about any one color, it could be yellow or orange, but it needs to be something that’s bright. But on the other hand, it can be blindingly bright or it is going to make my main villain look silly.

Bearing in mind that the suit is really old, and that it has seen its share of battles, it is to expect that the original bright colors are muted a bit. Furthermore, I would think that Piran would add some decorative elements to the armor, but not so much as it would lose its identity. Maybe some stripes of black paint here and there?

Talas is an interesting character in the sense that he was once a Slave, and now is a Slaver himself, but instead of trying to distance himself from his past, he wears it on himself every day (His armor and his vibro-axe).

Other elements on the pic should include his Neuronic Whip either on his hand or his belt and his Vibor-axe on his back. The background should be a frigid planet, like Hoth. I plan to reveal this character on one such a planet and if the background is like that, it would be great.

Again I thank you for your time, and please let me know if there are any details that need clarification. If you don’t own the Sourcebook where he is mentioned and would like to check it first to get inspiration, let me know since I have it myself.

Carlitos Moff.

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Carlitos Moff

Ah, thanks Xan for the edit, I meant to do that myself but I failed at html. D:

By the way, just to be clear, if anyone decides to do the armor pic, the idea is that he is wearing the full suit, not just the chestplate. Just to clarify.


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