Affluent Adventurer

The first of a 2-character personal request for Jedi Wampa. This is
Neme Llows, an 'upscale Lando-type' as Wampa puts it. She's part of a duo that he is in the process of chronicling in a fanfic (the other character being Janella 'Jan' Renshir, a mechanic/pilot/sidekick).

The pic itself is a welcome return for me to the simple medium of
pencil. I originally intended this to be my usual ink with digital
coloring, but as I was working on the underlying sketch, I started to
see some terrific potential in the pencil alone. I was looking at the
modern master of good-girl/pinup art, Adam Hughes, for his character
of Ghost - a starting point for Neme's jumpsuit. Well, I found myself
drawn more and more into his modelling of the female form, and this
led me to study his pencil work, and long story-short, I made me a
pencil-only drawing. I love this one!

Medium: Pencil