The Reluctant Jedi [Hisham]

In the same vein as my previous request (the Imperial Admiral), this is a request for a picture of Qualtis Majint, daughter of Imperial Admiral Tarn Majint, Imperial Academy graduate turned bounty hunter turned Jedi apprentice. And no, she does not look like Bill Nighy.

The existing pic for this character can be found here ( She has long red hair that she keeps braided like Lara Croft from the Tomb Raider series. My wife, the creator of this rather unique character, wishes for the picture to show her wearing white Jedi robes while wielding her blue-bladed lightsaber is a combat-ready stance in a dimly-lit or dark room. Also, she has an almost fanatic love for thermal detonators and is never seen without at least half a dozen of them on her.