Dredar Ink

Here's an inked version of Dredar, the bounty hunter Bothan. I'll see if I can work up the nerves and add color.


Wooooww!!! YES!

I am almost tempted to ask if I can take a crack at colouring. Ahhh. That inking is beautiful!!! Is it traditional/scanned, or digital???


Thanks everyone! It is digital inking (Wacom and Illustrator).

Tusserk, if you want a crack at coloring, I'd totally be okay with that. I'll admit that coloring is definitely not one of my stronger skills. Let me know if you want a certain file type if you want to do some colorings.


I was tempted to color it, too.  I am now kinda curious how it would look in both mine and Tuss's completely opposite coloring styles. lol