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We've been pretty relaxed lately about the images that have been going up on the site, but there is one major rule that we can not be relaxed upon.

If you didn't create it, it doesn't go up.

If it has anyone elses work in it that has not given you written or confirmable vocal permission to use it, it doesn't go up.

If it is copywrited by anyone besides you, it doesn't go up.

So, decided to get on today and check to see how the forums are doing, and low and behold they were spammed to death today. I have engaged the Fire Troopers and flamed out all of the crappy spam people. Good to see that the forums aren't getting spammed to bad though.



If this has been asked before, apologies - did not see anything scanning through the first page of topics and I'm legally blind so figured this may be the fastest way to get an answer. HOW does one submit art to the gallery? Right now all I seem to be able to do, is look at art already in the gallery but I don't see any submit buttons or forms anywhere on that page or my own profile page for that matter. Just wondering, thanks!

Liking the new look!

Hopefully also better able to keep that spam that was plaquing the site.

On a more spectacular note, am all caught up with latest episodes of 'The Mandalorian' and catching fellow Brooklynite Alyssa Mercante's article, have started watching specific episodes of "Clone Wars" and "Rebels"  to fill in on some more background on Mandalorians and got pulled in to see Ashoka Tano's journey as well as Bo-Katan Kryze. The season finale of "Clone Wars" was  *truly* 'Epic'!  :D

IIRC< the last time i logged in here, was back earlier this year.  SINCE then it seems the 3-4 pages worth of character requests and 2 pages of non-character requests, have been parred down to almost nothing there...  Did we have a large purge of threads?

I wanted to view each artist's gallery separately, but every time I click on a username link (i.e. /users/seghast), I get an "Access Denied" error. {C} What gives? I should at least have read-only access to the profiles, not be unable to access them at all. Strangely, I'm able to view my own profile (/users/Stargate38). Please fix it.


Also, the Members tab of the gallery is broken. It's just an empty page with the View/Featured/Members links at the top.

It's great to be able to look at the forums again and not see "You cannot add new posts", which will hopefully translate to some life being breathed into this site once again, but this also means the spambots are returning... Is there a way we can stop this without cracking down on everyone? Maybe all new accounts are subjected to a probationary period where any and all posts have to be approved before they appear on the site and after a couple of weeks of REAL posts, we can lift the probation and let them post at will? 

Some time ago, I mentioned contributing my own take on droid characters for my home game. Not that I'm an expert, but at least I'm passionate about D20 Saga. The rules as they're written, even in an entire supplement all of their own, seem more than unwieldy for a playable race. I found myself going crazy for months writing page after page of proposed mechanics and component costs, modifying talents and feats, and generally hating the Saga droid reference materials more and more.

I am asking if someone is willing to do a commission piece because it would be a rather large picture. My brother-in-law just recently passed and I wanted to have a picture of him and his family as Star Wars characters. I asked one of my other artist friends if they could do but they are really busy at the moment. The picture or scene is as follows.
My brother-in-law on a landing pad dressed similar to Han Solo or one of our favorite pilots with the ship in the background or part of it. It doesn't have to the whole ship. It is called the Fleabitten Hound.

A while back, one of my first requests to get drawn out was a 6-legged walker known as the AT-HP..  It had 3 howitzers on it.  It had a companion vehicle known as the Ticker.  BUT i still see the Ticker's pic here, but can't seem to find the AT-HP, nor do i remember who drew it?

Can anyone help me locate it?

I am new to this site. I've been looking for a Star Wars site much like this one since deviantart has left me jaded. Also Deviantart is...I don't want to knock on the site, I just didn't feel it was the best place for me. I wish I have some art to share, although I do have one piece, but it was taken by a camera and it isn't even that good. I am not very confident as an artist. Perhaps, someday, I will post here but for now, I'll just hang around here and get to know some of you. Kinda like an introduction of sorts.


I got it in my head I was going to improve & revise Hablyonus' backstory one of these days, including giving him a planet of origin. (That he wouldn't be aware of, mind.) Regarding planets, weapons, ships, and the like, are there any of you who utilize strictly canon material, or do you all do EU stuff too? It's probably a stupid question, but I was just curious.

It has been ages since i logged in here and it is good to see all the new SW themes art going on! lately i ahve not been doing much in the way of that (since blender is not really my favorite app) but i have been doing some textures for SWkotor. so that keeps me busy lately. among other things like work and playing systems admin/smputer tech on my own computer just to keep it running. so hope you guys are all doing well, and maybe one of these days i will get the itch and make some SW art to post again!

What's the deal with all this flippin' SPAM!?

I feel the violent urge to hunt some people down and shove a #2 pencil in their spleens!  And I'm not real confident I know exactly where the spleen is.  It could take a few stabs.

Some years back I did a landspeeder that was a cross over with the Dukes of Hazard.  That was after a request for an A-team inspired landspeeder.

Recently I was thinking; what about other cool Star Wars crossovers?

I'd like to see a Jedi battle a Grammaton Cleric from Equilibrium.

I'd like to see a Star Wars adaptation of Big Trouble in Little China; with Kurt Russel (Jack Burton) as a Tramp Freighter captain...

Any other cool ideas out there?

So, before I start a coloring book contest...   I kind of need to know how often everyone checks this site?


Do you come here daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly?  I can check to see who all has looked at the site this week, but I'm kind of curious how many will respond to a forum topic :) ...  

I sometimes peruse the web for shows and series not normally available via regular TV.  A few years ago, I became enamored to foreign Mystery/Detective shows from Scandinavia, Italy and Germany like "Wallander", "Inspector Montalbano" and "Beck" to name a few which led into searching the lbrary for books on the same series (which the the shows are based on) as well as culturally related books of the same genre like "Smilla's sense of Snow". All intriguing, interesting, culturally different and great reads compared to the western hollywood fare we are accustomed to.

Are we allowed to make them? I haven't been able to find anything that says a definitive yes/no on the subject and I'd very much like somewhere I can ask for tips and advice as I work on the characters I draw. I have a series of characters, a crew of smugglers/mercenaries for Edge of the Empire, that I am planning on drawing and would love input as I work on them.

Hi all,


I referred to this in another thread, but I'm still seeing the same thing.  I see many galleries are missing quite a few images that were there a week ago.  Is this something in the site that needs attention, or something in my computer (cookies, etc.)? Thanks.

Hey fellow Swagger's,

I noticed a few days ago that my Notification page was no longer showing who had commented on a pic I had commented on.  Instead it just shows how long ago since someone posted a comment.  I have already talked to Xan about it but I'm just checking to see if anyone else has this problem also.

At long last I am playing Star Wars again. I have not played in some time. My panic attacks make it hard to be out long enough to get dinner, let alone game. But, some good freinds, a small party and a very supportive lady here at home got me out. I finally got to roll up Terros Bade. Drew him, and now he lives. Our party is a human female scout, a NPC human female medic, A soldier Shist that was inspired by the stories Tuss tells of her adventures( dan loves your stuff- but he used my pic of a Shist as his character) a Givin tech and me a Human scout soon to be multiclass soldier.

So. Speaking totally hypothetically, all you lovely Swaggers, both guild artists and art requesters alike, active or less-than-active or was-active-once-upon-a-time... if you care to indulge me, what would be the best way to represent YOU in the Star Wars world in a visual way? Some of you I think I already have a pretty decent handle on, but some of you are a little more... elusive. ;) But feel free to chip in even if you think you're one of the more 'obvious' ones!

That's right - the official, really-real, Edge of the Empire Core Book!

A friend of mine picked it up on the assumption that I would GM, so now I'm reading through the whole damn thing. I had played one session with my little brother and a stranger at our game shop, but because of the setting it was a little lackluster. Reading through the book now, I'm excited to GM. There are some AWESOME mechanics in here!

My birthday was just today and I recieved money for some art supplies, I was wondering what type of supplies would be best for someone who uses color pencils and prismocolor brand markers. I thought someone who has been around longer would have an idea.