Assault Slugthrower Carbine (detail)

Detail of an assault slugthrower carbine in another pic. The caracter in that pic is modelled after modern SWAT/Special Forces, and so his gear, and particularly this weapon, stays close to the source. This gun is heavily inspired by the futuristic looking, but very modern Heckler & Koch G-36C, and has an underslung shotgun-like pump-action grenade launcher. This attachment fires 20mm explosive rounds much like the US Army's experimental OICW (Objective Individual Combat Weapon). This weapon system also features a modified Holographic sight, but also sports iron sights for slug firing, and a leaf sight for the grenade launcher should high-tech fail or prove otherwise ineffective. The folding stock is a hybrid of the folding G-36C style, and the telescoping type found on the M4 Carbine (SOPMOD). The magazines, much like their real-life inspiration, can be clipped one beside another to allow quick reload in combat.

Medium: Pencil