Besalisk Chef

A request from Xanamiar I just couldn't pass up!

"This request is for a female Besalisk. A Besalisk is what Dex in the Diner on Episode II is. The wiki article is here ... She needs 6 arms, and she is a chef for my character Sietra the Hutt.

I was hoping that you might enjoy doing a palace scene with Zietra, a protocol droid ((any style you want)) and any other characters you'd like to put in, as well as my female Besalisk in the foreground offering a plate of food to the person looking at the picture.
As I said before, if you don't want to do it, I understand completely.. just let me know... By the way... ALL the characters.. including Zietra are all open to your own interpretation, and open to do what you wish with them. And you can put in as many characters in the scene you want, and any kind of races you want. It's completely open to what you want to do with it.

As far as Zietra goes, I would like to see something different from Jabba or any of the other really dull looking hutts :) ... but it's still up to you :)"

Blog HERE.


I don't think I recall ever having seen a female Besalisk before. Kudos for taking up the challenge. Its nice to see more illustrations of species that don't have much exposure or popularity. And perhaps down the road, we'll see more Besalisks in more roles,not limited to chefs and cooks :)

It doesn't look like the Hutt truly appreciates the kind of services that this Besalisk offers.

The rodent in the goblet is amusing. How did he get there? I certainly don't blame him looking distressed and trying to free himself... Especially considering he'd be no more than an appetizer or daily mid-afternoon snack for a Hutt... Or is he just taking a bath? :P
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Well, the Besalisk is serving the guest first ((which is you :) )) ... Then she'll serve Zietra. And I agree aboutthe rodent in the goblet, made me laugh when i first saw the line art.

And I look forward to seeing Besalisks of all kinds being done :) This one happens to be a chef because I was trying to figure out what race to make my chef, and a friend of mine said, Why not Besalisk. So I figured why not.

I love Mercy's work, she's always spot on with the request, and it really does liven up the stories, when you have a pic to reference.


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