Corellia Tyrena Bay

Originally from: "Vynce 'Vynny' Summers"

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A candid closeup of two Twi'leks, both enjoying one fine summer evening on Corellia's Tyrena Bay.

Who are they? What brings them to this particular time and place? Maybe you have a better idea than I. If you think you know, do tell! (Feel free to post something. I'm curious what you would come up with)

Your comments are always welcome and appreciated. And Captions welcome!



Ase Aorn, billionaire play boy, is known to frequent the beaches of Naboo. He's also known to be holding precious cargo for ransom against local crime lord. That's when Jala'na, well sought after spy and assassin, is called in to remedy the situation. One bright day Aorn sees a lovely young woman strolling the beach Her eyes meet his, his meet hers, and her prey has all but captured itself...