Crew of the Bad Example

Here is a group picture of my current players in their campaign, as the crew of the Luxury Yacht Bad Example. From left to right: Ssssawar the Trandoshan cook, Captain Hunter Maelstrom the pirate, Nek'Koh'Moo'Su'May a.k.a "Annie" the Trianii co-pilot, T'K'Li a.k.a "Tickley" the failed Jawa Jedi, HK-78 a.k.a. "Weapon-X" and Aden the former Clone Trooper. They once launched a garbage speeder truck into the air to collide with a flying YT-1760 freighter.


Thanks guys.

Oh, I should mention that they were all in truck (except for Annie who was hanging on outside holding on to a garbage bag which was dripping with garbage water) when the truck flew.


I like the Trandoshan! Don't see many of those in other roles its always "I R Trandoshan MERC LOL" or "I R Trandoshan SLAVER LOL" and from one chef to another... I love his hat :D


The Trandoshan's favorite ingredient is human. As he keeps reminding the captain, "It's not cannibalism if it's not your species." The other day they had a run in with a bunch of human pirates. Now the fridge is stocked up with human remains.


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