The Crew of the Emerald Lightning

This is a sketch I did of our crew I guess about midway through the campaign. From left to right: Jo'luk, Ror, Spilfer, Jace, Narruna, and Lyder. By this time, Sei had left the ship to return home and sort out her issues (and, unbeknownst to us, to deal with a mysterious pregnancy). Jace replaced her as our pilot. Ror, the Wookiee, departed not long after this to take care of some things on Kashyyyk. Spilfer, our occasional mechanic, happened to be a part of the crew at this point, and very cheerfully so. Narruna and Lyder were still together, but having a lot of problems as Lyder fell deeper to the Dark Side, hence the not-so-happy expressions on their faces. Jo, as usual, was a-okay. He was always in a good mood as long as he didn't have a crazy ex or future girlfriend trying to kill him.


Lyder and Narruna definitely look brooding.

I feel like i kind of know these characters based on your art. You guys ever thought of doing a graphic novel about their adventures?


I definitely agree. It's sounded like a great campaign, and the art you've all done for it is amazing. I especially like the sort of surprise group photo look you have in this one.

Travis Moore

Thanks for the comments!
Evan: Yeah, we were all reminded of Jo when we started watching Firefly, especially the episode where he goes to the planet where he's worshiped as a hero. And yes, Spilfer is a Squib. I was going to write that in the description, but I couldn't remember the name of the species at the time and I didn't have my alien anthology handy.
Dred: Thanks for saying that you feel like you know the characters. We had such a great time playing them that it's nice to know that people outside of our group enjoy the characters as well. While it would be a lot of fun to do a graphic novel, of course we don't have the rights to do a Star Wars property. However, Imperial Lackey and I are currently working on a project together that we'll let everyone know about when the time comes.


Well, you could probably still do a graphic novel... you just couldn't publish it. There's kind of some gray area about what's okay under "fair-use" when it comes to fan-related stuff. I don't know of anybody who has gotten busted for making fan films, for example, and I think fan fiction, including graphic novels, falls into the same category.


Awesome pic! But what's that dark, handsome scoundrel in the dead center of pic doing with his blaster out? He's not about to kill the annoyingly cheerful Squib, is he?


Yes, our crew was very much like the crew of Firefly, which is really weird, because none of us had seen it when we were playing the game. Travis and Robert and Eric and Chris watched the series (one of them bought it) and went on and on about how eerily similar it was to our game. When I finally bought it and began watching it, my jaw was on the floor. Lyder was Mal, Narruna was a merging of Zoe and Inara, Jace was Wash, Jo was Jane and the Emerald Lightning was Serenity. It was uncanny. I guess our group and Joss liked the same things about Star Wars and rolled with it...