Draethos Dies During a Dire Distraction

A scene where jclay's character, a Draethos tech specialist is killed by a Trandoshan bearing a blaster. R.I.P., jclay's character.

Media: GIMP and Wacom Graphire 4

Request thread here.


Well Hisham, you even making dieing characters look good. ^_^ That Draethos will now live on forever, so to speak. ^_^

Lord Crumb

Life is not this crude matter. Luminous beings we are. Death is simply the end of one journey and the start of another. Looks excellent.



Thank you so much Hish for taking this piece, and fulfilling it so well! It looks great!
I considered doing it for a long time, and I felt bad for not taking it. I like the action.



Wow. Considering the thousand or so years a draethos can live....it seems like such a waste when one goes down in the prime of their life...moreso.


Wow, you really made my day! Yes, Quite a fitting end to a player character.

I am the GM in which he died. They just got around to burying the poor guy too. RIP :)


I've been out of town and haven't been able to play our SWRPG. So, this just makes me want to play even more.


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