Dredar, the bothan bounty hunter is still looking for the job that will help him back to his family, and solve the mystery of his clan's betrayal.


This is the coolest Bothan I've ever seen!  I love the scowly face, the man-of-action stance, and the style really tickles me.  You should clean up those pencil lines and color this bad boy.  I'd love see what that looked like.



This one definitely gives me some Judas-vibes, haha, and that's a good thing! Super cool looking guy, fluid pose and lovely sense of 'life' without needing an overdramatic amount of movement. Keen to see more!


Ha, ha! Well, I feel privledged to be compared to Judas. He's got some cool/fun stuff.

As a bounty hunter, there has to be some level of coolness, I think. But since bothans are usually smaller in size, I thought it would be fun to see him with a large slugthrower.

Thanks for the feedback!