Eben & Jasmine

This request from Eben Shadestalker;

Eben Shadestalker is a 30 year old male with brown hair and black eyes. As a Sith Hunter, he uses a lightsaber (your own design). He wears knee-high boots, black pants and a sleeveless shirt with a black cloak over the top

Jasmine Sunstyder is red haired female with emerald eyes. She wears black high-heeled boots (shiny), tight black pants that show off her form and a brown leather holster for a high power pistol is on her thigh. A white shirt and black leather jacket complete her clothing.

I'd like the pose to be them with arms on each others shoulders. Make sure they're close.
In the backround I'd like some sort of important landmark like a statue for a great leader or a natural wonder, somthing they would like a happy snap of. Recently they arrived in Naboo and went to a village in the Lake Country.


Lord Crumb

Another excellent picture by Mercy. A romantic setting by a lake, maybe a tent pitched nearby, makes for an interesting time.

Kia kaha


Really nice. Like the background particularly, always ended up swearing profusely when trying to do them.


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