Eerin Lumna

Here is my rendition of Eein getting ready to face a droid army as her padawan and other forces retreat to a secondary position. She gives one last look to cement her decision and turns to face the path before her.

Lord Crumb

LOVE IT! Thanks Casca1967, it turned out great. It shows one who is resigned to her path and will follow it to its end. The smoke filled battlefield is great with the battledroids in the background and the Destoryer Droid right upon Eerin. Thanks again.

- LC :D


Wow! That's a heck of a 'last look'! I agree with LC, there's a resignation in her eyes.
Quite amazing for me to see this character all grown up, too. Great work, Casca!

(I especially love the boot! I don't know, but I just had to mention that bit!!)


LOoks a bit like Maris Brood in Jedi form. Absolutely, lovely!
P.S I'm not good at remembering species, what is she again?

Lord Crumb

Eerin Lumna is a Zabrak, the same species as Maris Brood and from the planet Iridonia. She was taken to the Jedi Temple when she was three months old.

-LC :-)


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