Female Jedi Padawan

Request for Ryllis

Rianna Xi does not have exactly the ideal temperament for a Jedi, being quick-tempered, stubborn, and very impatient. She is also very easily distracted and extremely restless and doesn't quite excel at her studies to become a Jedi - diplomacy bores her and strikes her as a waste of time, and she's not very strong with the Force and can't be bothered to hone her skills. Where she really excels is her fighting abilities - she's a very talented lightsaber duelist, and though she is lacking in strength (read - she's a weakling) she's still very combat capable. She refuses to use any sort of weapons except for lightsabers, though.

Used Emily Browning as a model. Textures from cgtextures.com, a great resource for all.

Enjoy Ryllis!


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