Jarrax Volk

Request by the man of the same name!
Got PM'd about this one and have finally worked through my list of requests to it, so here we go!

"The definition of "Leonine" is a a furred alien, with a lion-like body, and a wolf or wolfdog-like head. One thing: Leonines do not have super-long pointy muzzles (just rather wolf-like or shorter). Since Jarrax is young (only 22), he doesn't really have a mane--just a bit more fur around the neck, I'm afraid.

He is very predatory, and extremely well-muscled. He is 6'6" tall, and weighs 350 lbs--all muscle. He uses twin ice-blue lightsabers in the Jar'Kai and Yovshin styles. Style descriptions, and lightsaber pictures can be found near the bottom of the article linked above. He carries a T-6 blaster on his right leg--found under "Equipment in the above article". Sometimes he also carries a very big vibroblade near the small of his back--again found in the wikia article. All his fur is cream-white (even the tuft on his tail), with icy-blue eyes, a black, wolf-like nose, and perhaps a strand of fur (hair) hanging down over one eye. He has a scar running over his left eye, from just above to just below it.

I would prefer him to be bare-pawed in the picture. Standard Jedi robes are his conventional clothing, but he has been known to wear dark spacer's clothes on occasion. If you choose to do an action pose, I would like a background reminiscent of a battle--perhaps he could be battle-torn, with cuts or torn clothing. If you choose a static pose, a darker, more . . . hunt-like, or foggy, mysterious background would be nice. Perhaps a pose to show off his physique.

Jarrax thrives on the thrill of the hunt and battle--he can be seen laughing or snarling in delight when fighting various enemies. His fighting style is ferocious, even using claws, teeth, or martial arts as needed to compensate lightsabers, blaster, and vibroblade. Outside of battle, however, he is patient, kind and loyal, a loner, and can be rather quiet. He is a Jedi Knight of Luke Skywalker's New Jedi Order, and he can be a bit maverick at times--think Qui-Gon Jinn "fulfilling his orders in "different" ways. Jarrax has his struggles with the dark side--in spite of his dedication to the light side, as his species is naturally aggressive. He also carries a heavy burden--the memory of his murdered brother, and his killer. At times, he may become despondent or depressed as he tries to deal with grief, and he has always wanted to find the killer. His struggles with his more primitive side are many and varied, and he has grown to despise being called an ANIMAL, because he isn't merely an animal, but also a sentient being--and a Jedi at that."

Blog HERE.
Wikia page for this character HERE.

Lord Crumb

"Frakkin' Kewl Artwork!" You've done it again Mercy. As I stated before the background and the color of the character draws you towards him.

-LC :-)


Wow Mercy, you crank these pictures out faster than I can keep up with. Every time I visit the site there are several more from you and they are all fantastic.


When I was loking at this all I could think was Khajiit from the Elder Scrolls games.
Really good.


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