Jorrdan Drax - Nautolan/Twi'lek A-wing pilot

This is a Personal Request from 'Senator Steel' that i made for him...

The picture is meant to be what a crossbreed betweent two characters they have in their game would look like, she is a pilot of a rebellion A-wing Fighter.

I can't actually imagine myself how this crossbreed is possible but the request was made and I took it as a challenge!

'Rebel Moon' is its undertitle...

Also thnanks to wonderful help by our own tallanted McRage for idea exchanges and technical support on the moonparts!

Medium: Mechanical Pencil, Photoshop (Effects and Retouch)


I used to be Senator Steel... (i'm a her) and a few clarifications on this character. Jorrdan Drax was the daughter of two ground soldiers of Dewback Wing. My Twi'lek female and a friend of mine's Nautolan. Some months after having this done the pair broke up and the Nautolan left the Wing. :( Ice, the Twi'lek, decided to stick with her own species after that. lol. ;) Oh and I wanted to say, I love this artwork, he did a great job for me!