Knight Banneret Vassar Post

Vassar Post is a male Woostoid, and Knight Banneret for the Red Knights of Life on Kalarba, during the Yuuzhan Vong invasion. Although Woostoids are traditionally a tech-savvy species, Post's parents moved to sparsely-developed Kalarba to get away from the overly-automated culture on Hosk, and raised him as something of a radical...making him a perfect anti-droid Vong ally. Armed with pummelstaves and projectile weapons, Post and his Red Knights of Life were a formidable foe against the Jedi.


Really cool. Excellent technique and professional quality! Looks like the figure stepped right out of an illustrated manual.


OH MAH GOD FOR THE WOOSTOID! +1 points for you! Your looking like Falconer a bit in this one.


Man, that is some incredibly fine detail there!

Core to the Quad baby!!!

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