Ky'Juud, Qwohog Force Adept

A young teenaged Qwohog Force Adept, swimming in fresh water, of course. There are very little visual references of the Qwohog. Even Galaxy Guide 12's picture was a side profile of the head with a regular humanoid looking body. From what I gathered from its physical description, the Qwohog's look leans towards the Creature from The Black Lagoon, with scales and all. For young Kyjuud here, the scales on the body aren't developed fully yet, although the head scales (visible a bit behind his ears) are larger and harder that the rest of his skin. The gills on the side of his torso are unfortunately concealed under his robes.

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I like it...I have been looking for Qwohog references/visuals and have found none...until now! Nice hat by the way...rather reminiscent of K'kruhk...


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