Lady Midnight

Here's one from a while back, I don't recal not submitting.

Through the dim lit streets she walks,
Huntress upon prey the dark lady stalks,
With velvety skin like chocolate,
She need not slay if she can coerce,
A coldness shivers through the force,
As someone else knows he is prey,
He himself can mask his force sensitivity,
From this seductress he met earlier today,
It is fate that only one outcome can play.
Her name is Lady Midnight,
No man nor quary ever gets away.


Its been a while since I last uploaded a new image, let alone rendered one, and I had forgotten I had this one sitting. I originally wanted to do more with the image, make my own custom stone wall paintings, but it never worked out. So here it is, as it is- no postwork other than the signature added. The scene is dark intentionally, lighting is purely from the lightsaber and Carrara's fire placed within the pedestal cauldrons alongside the wall. Even the lightsaber glow is pure Carrara render (a fun task in learning in itself).

I discarded her outfit's default textures and created my own procedural shaders. Its dark and many details are obscured in shadow, but I'm particularly impressed with how her helmet came out, as well as her cape.

So, the big question is - Is she a Sith, or a Jensaarai? Sith wield red lightsabers by default, drawing upon the dark side of the force. Jensaarai are neither Sith or Jedi, but use the force as they see fit, and their armor bears resemblance to the beast, animal or creature of their choosing. So whom she is if for you the viewer and/or gamemaster to decide!