Lady Rae

Due to lack of input, I decided to finish the drawing and colorize the character as is.

There are apparently 2 different types of Zygerrian. One is very lanky with angular features and another which looks more humanoid and full bodied. I went for the later but had questions about the color descriptions.

The requestor's character was a Slaver (similar to a species 'trafficker', but then without contrast, what's our Jedi Heroes going to do?.) and I was interested in including the other character in the description and was waiting for a reply. None was forthcoming. so..


Looks awesome! And I approve of your choices in light of the circumstances. Much better to have something completed without input than to have it languish unseen.

Lord Cygnus

Alluring and scary knowing what she truly is! But isn't there always something always alluring about a bad girl?!?  *Winks*


Oh wow.....I am sorry I do not recall ever seeing any messages. In fact, my message box is empty :-/ I come back here from time to time but I never saw this. Very nice ^_^ Thank you. And yes, if ever you wanted to draw more on this and needed insite on the other Character "Trisskar" Mercy has a bunch she drew of her.


What I was interested in was a bit of the situation that Trisskar was in in relation to this character so that the depiction would match what happened. Guess I shoulda read up on the threads...I actually did another version (thin) of the Zygarrian in the oil bath but didn't like how it came out..


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