The Last of Your Kind?

Drawn ages ago, finished colouring today. Funnily enough, the session AFTER I drew this with pencil and paper the crew actually did come across another Fosh. So now it's less 'I'm all alone' so much as 'I need to help my species' conflict within Evi. Which is so easy when you are dealing with Eldritch terrors from beyond. (Beyond what? Beyond something...) There is another version with blood in it, but I am not completely sure if it is okay by SWAG standards, so I present to you the PG13 version.


Yesssss you coloured it! :D Super pretty!

Also I'm starting to think maybe Evi's hat basically changes size according to the mood of the narrative. It's a hat of GM magic.


XDD I have always figured it was a SUPER WIDE BRIMMED SLOUCH HAT but y'know what, I am willing to accept that as well

((Hat gains +5 mass during EMO mode!))


This whole piece is amazing. The color, shading and textures are all so well executed. If there is one part that really popped off the page for me, it was the feather in the hat.


fdjkasgf thanks guys c:>

(omg i am so happy you mentioned the feather, i've only just found a way i can colour them that makes me happy it is GOOD TO KNOW ALL THAT WORK PAID OFF <:D )


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