Meeting the Family

So Jak finally introduced (most of) the squad to her extended family. Or, well, some of it. What with Resol (aka Dr Lokhin; he has no need to keep his real name a secret any more, but boy is it weird adjusting to calling him something new!) being the son of a clone commando, Jak now has a loooooot of uncles! And cousins. And whatever you call it when your cousin has kids? And a badass step-daughter.

We're all hanging out on Mandalore over Life Day.


Whoever it is on the far right doesn't seem to like that you took her pic. :) 


Very nice drawing Tussy...


While I may not approve of your lifestyle, I will fight for your right to practice it. ;)


Great drawing, the lighting is spot on. I've been working on scene work lately, trying to keep things like this in mind.


I think of you a little bit with every T-visor I draw. ;)

I love playing with lights, it's pretty much one of my favourite things in drawing ever (after dogs and monster-creature-things). Believable group scenes (that are more than just 'all pose in one spot') are fun but aaaaaaahhhh such hard work. I know I still have a lot of perspective issues (among other things) but you can't improve if you never try, right?


I wasn't sure if I should mention (because I don't know if you're looking for this kind of feedback), but the table seems to be sloping at a bit too steep an angle for the viewing angle. Perspective is hard, and I've been working on it too, to some extent.


I'm mostly pretty happy to get that sort of feedback, even if I'm well beyond the 'doing anything about it' phase in a drawing, haha. I'm always amazed how 'ahh it'll do' things when it's just lines can turn into 'SO VERY WRONG' once some colour or shading is added! (And also how hard it can be sometimes to see these errors at all in your own work!)


I know that feel. I used to have a policy - I would sit on a drawing over night to make sure it wasn't wonky. Sometimes you can't tell right away, but if you sleep on it and look again, you notice something's off that you didn't see before. :P


Also, if it helps, I've held drawings up to a mirror and looked at them that way; you'd be surprised how much it makes something look new to see it flipped.  Of course, if it's digital media, you could just flip it in an editor.


SO MANY HELMETS vorn in here or is that triple dot thing more common than i realise?


Hahaha that's... yeah I was pretty much thinking of him when I did that helmet, but he's not actually in the image. Maybe he's the one taking the photo. XD