Mr and Mrs

Don't mind this gratuitous piece of fluff!

Just commemorating the fact that GM decided to have a brief pause in his usual dishing out of character-torture to actually give Jak a break. Like, a really big break. In one fell swoop, we finalised the cure for Lokhin's rakghoul problem (well, almost, his eyes are currently useless but that's a minor... minor detail), and then after a morning of... ahem, celebrating, and after months of dancing around the point, Doc finally popped the question. In the fine Mandalorian tradition of all-you-need-is-to-willingly-exchange-a-vow-in-private, these two sillies are now married. Jak is pretty proud to have a surname now- and they've opted for the one Doc was born with, rather than the pseudonym he adopted for his academic career. Thus; Mr and Mrs Gar.

The squad got all prettied up for a bit of a shindig that evening for some more conventional celebrating, which was a nice change of pace from fighting interdimensional horrorterrors.


the mood on this is so dead on.the lighting, expressions and color. And love the design on the top of Jak's outfit. All Top notch.



I really do like this a lot Tusserk. The expression on Jak's face is great.

Also, am I just imagining things or is there a space chicken on Jak's dress? (probably not)


I can help thinking of the whole scene..." you may now kiss the bride"
Jak leaning with a hand on each of his shoulders, licking his entire face all excited. His glasses all cockeyed and his hair a mess. The facts of the situation setting in. Jak whispers " they're all staring, aren't they. " yep"
she slowly turns and looks at the room full of shocked on lookers. Just before full on embarrassment sets in, a voice from the rear yells " way to go Jak. Get 'im girl." the room burst into applause.


Hahaha!! If only it had been so cute. ;) Sadly Jak's social circle is waaaay to small for anything like a room full of applause to happen, in fact a quote from one of her fellow party members, delivered with a disinterested shrug; "oh, I thought you were already married?"

The 'ceremony', such as it was, happened entirely in private between Jak and Doc, and the 'kiss the bride' moment... I... well, sort of happened immediately beforehand, haha! The good news for Doc is that, what with Jak being a shapeshifter and all, he didn't have to deal with excited-doggy-slobbers messing up his face at all!




crap i already know what the dress looks like so wel i can't see the space chicken /squints intensly


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