My Guardian - Final Product

This is the completion of the concept I had suck in my head. ;)
Pino'Chett - Young albion Twi'lek girl, highly force sensitive but untrained.
Max - A lobotomized Coruscani Oger, once a guard for a petty Crime lord, now follows and protects Pino' in their journeys.


This piece was partially inspired by kassart's "Emperor Hulk W.I.P.", found on deviant art. I sent him a copy thanking him, and he really enjoyed this piece. :)
"Creation is a Gift... Use it well."


Terrific piece and the poses alone convey the story. If I had one criticism? The smaller figure has a luminous look, not just the skin but even the clothes? It just strikes me as a little incongruous to the palate and treatment of the larger figure? Still, great piece!


Thanks,, and your right I noticed it myself,, I just haven't figured out how to adjust that without effecting the surrounding pic.
I'm still a little green when it comes to what all I can do with Photoshop. I've only been working with it for close to a year now.
My first Macbook. lol. :)
"Creation is a Gift... Use it well."


Wait, you modeled that Ogre in zbrush so flawlessly and say you´re green in photoshop? who gives a damn about photoshop when you can squeeze the juice out of zbrush like that!

Did you model the background yourself too?

Lord Crumb

"Hulk no like blue man!" It looks great. Kinda of a Misson Vao and Zaalbar thing going on here.

Kia kaha


Thanks a lot guys. :)
The Hulk was inspired by kassart's "Emperor Hulk W.I.P." I had to do some reshaping and of corse adding the hair, the coloring and highlighting.
The background was a base work up. I do a few large backgrounds than piece them out for character images, depending on concepts. It saves me a little time and layers. ;)
I love Mission & Zaalbar,, great characters. I think I might go with Pino'Chett being on the run from Imperial agents that kidnap force sencitive children. The petty crime lord that Max use to work for probably kidnapped her to begin with in order to receive a reward or favor. This is where Max would have met her. she probably used the force unknowingly to create a bond of friendship with Max. Max then turning on the crime lord in order to protect his new found friend. ;)
I think that should work for an interesting back story.
@ Hazaz,, Taking your comment on how Pino stands out a bit more or is on the bright side, it got me to looking around and found a toner tool in Photoshop. I've been playing around with it and I think I may have fixed that issue. I'm still giving it the stare down for the moment, lol, when I'm done I'll upload it. ;)
"Creation is a Gift... Use it well."