New Republic Navy Fighter Weapons School

This is the insignia for the New Republic Navy Fighter Weapons School. This is where New Republic Navy fighter pilots go for advanced training in the art of "dogfighting". The students fly their assigned A-Wing, B-Wing, E-Wing, X-Wing and Y-Wing starfighters going up against expert Aggressor pilots specially trained and masters of Imperial aerospace combat tactics. The Aggressor pilots fly the TIE/LN Fighter, TIE/IN Interceptor, TIE/D Defender and the TIE/BM Bomber.

The design of the insignia was based on the insignia for the US Navy Fighter Weapons School also known as "Top Gun". The targeting "crosshairs" in the center of the insignia are a modified version of the X-Wing "crosshairs" seen in Episode IV a New Hope during the Battle of Yavin.


Just wanted to point out that it says.. "New Repulic Navy" along the top... you forgot the B.. But once again, nice work man.