New Republic Navy Flight Training Center

Here is a simplistic design for the New Republic Navy Flight Training Center located on the planet of Fondor.


I waited to comment on the last one rather than on each. Logos are one of those things that you say " oh thats easy...I could do one if I wanted to..." Well they are not easy, I cant do one to save my life, and if I could I could only squeak out one maybe two at best that were any good. You consistantly put out high quality insignia that is a great representation of what-ever unit you say it is for. you have carved out a niche on this sight on a topic few others would dare to do. They are not flashy characters, cool ships or awsome battle scenes but they are in my oppinion the best at what they are...thank you.

Cal Koban

Why thank you very much for the compliment. I have some more insignias in the works right now that I hope that you and everyone else will like. I hoped to have them posted by now, but alas, real life got in the way. I hope to have them up real soon.