NJO: The Last Stand of Seyyerin Itoklo

Here's an illustration I did from the New Jedi Order, depicting Jedi Knight Seyyerin Itoklo before he was slain. The Etti was mentioned in "Edge of Victory: Conquest" as a Jedi who had fallen to the Yuuzhan Vong.


very cool. I loved the NJO series and feel this depicts it very well.


Thanks for the comments! He came across as a bit more cocky than I'd anticipated...though I suppose it makes sense for his impending...face-off with certain death. He was a fun character to tackle, considering we've never seen him before!

I used scenes from "The Clone Wars" to aid in the architecture of the setting. Like the control panel, and blast doors. I also took a freeze frame from "Aliens." The 70s SciFi movies all helped reinforce that "Star Wars" feel!


Just noted your comments, Mazzic, and wanted to comment on your comments. So, here are my comments on your comments. :P

The fact that you used a freeze frame from "Aliens" as a reference has my respect. People tend to go overboard with overly detailed backgrounds sometimes. Just compare the ridiculously baroque Opera House in EPIII to the elegant simplicity of Cloud City's corridors in ESB. Back in those days, less was more. And that just makes this picture rock that much more.



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