Orcas Mer, Selkath Jedi Knight

"A Selkath Jedi Knight named Orcas Mer (Requested by Qual), situated in the time of the Old Republic. Selkath are a usually neutral aquatic species from the planet of Manaan – so one taking sides and becoming a Jedi is somewhat rare. He’s essentially a follower of the living Force, in training to become a Jedi Watchman of his sector. In keeping with the Selkath culture, he focuses more on non-violent resolutions of problems and negotiations: he’s no butt-kicking combat god. That’s not to say he’s a pacifist (he still carries a lightsaber), but that he’s more Obi-Wan and less Mace Windu."

"In terms of character, Orcas is viewed as somewhat of an anomaly by his people, for both leaving Manaan and taking up the ways of the Jedi. He’s still attached to his culture in some small ways. Similar to Aayla Secura and Shaak Ti, his attire conveys his background." ~ Qual


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