Random Planet Scenery

An exercise in scenery, which could well be some planet out in the Unknown Regions (or wherever anyone wants it to be, really). Mostly just wanted to take a crack at a galaxy sort of starscape, and this thing here is 100% referenced off images of the Milky Way. (And why not, we're both spiral galaxies, right?) Uploading in case it can be of potential use to someone in the future! On my to do list: learn how to make my own brushes for photoshop 'cause there has GOT to be a nicer way to do clusters of dots. Haha.


This is gorgeous. Immediately conjures the Australia scene from The Right Stuff.



Holy geez this is beautiful. I love the use of color in making the night sky and the different elements of the landscape are great. I love the chunky mesas in the distance and the little rivers running to the horizon!


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