Shistavanen Jedi Initiate

My contribution for May 4th, and Xan's suggestion of Force sensitive children... so I've done up a wee young Shistavanen, taking his early Jedi training super seriously.


That is AWESOME!...  I love the pose, love the lighting..  And love the sunset...  Just plain and simply AWESOME Tuss.

Lord Cygnus

I really love your May the 4th contribution, Tusserk. This is one seriously cool  Shistavanen Jedi Youngling!! 

Lord Crumb

To give a double-bladed lightsaber to a youngling means either the child is very talented or got hold of the masters lightsaber.  Good job.  The setting, detail, and colors are spot on. :)


... or it's just powered by a couple of bondar crystals. ;) He's either playing it safe, or really talented-- can't tell you much about this kid, but he's definitely way too devoted and diligent a student to even DREAM of touching something he hasn't been given express permission to!


Damn, that's poignant.


Can't help but think how horribly dangerous that is, though. Putting a double blade in the hands of a kid...


Actually, it wasn't uncommon for younglings to have practice sabers that were double bladed.  It allowed them the opportunity to know how to fight against it, as well as how to use it.  It's an extremely defensive weapon, if used correctly.  And extremely offensive weapon when used correctly.   So it was common practice to know how to use them.

Oh, and practice sabers can't cut through anything, the worse they will do is burn the flesh.


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