Side By Side Lightsabers

A side by side look at the lightsabers of Darth Drakhen and Darth Lau'Ren from the Great Sith Empire. Side by side in life and in death, Lady Lau'Ren was the lover and later wife of Lord Drakhen, during the Golden Age of the Sith.

They were presumably killed during the battle of Andar during the Sith Civil War.


Definately good work. There is oe problem though, double-bladed lightsabers didn't exist 20,000 years BBY. Lightsabers didn't exist that far aback at all. Remember, Exar Kun was the first to create the double-bladed lightsaber. Artistically, and technically, it's a great piece, but, if, as you mentioned in your other pic of Drakhen's lightsaber, he existed 20.000 years BBY, he couldn't have had a double-bladed lightsaber. He would have had a sword.