Something Dark is Coming...

This was a SWAG request done for RedDragon Ripper.
- Work In Progess Blog Entry @ SWAG
- Something Dark is Coming @ DeviantArt 2048 full size
- The Xeno-Wook Report @ SWAG
- The Xeno-Wook Report @ DeviantArt 2048 full size

This is the second of 3 pieces I've done for RedDragon Ripper, for his Xeno-Wook request. For this scene, originally intended for the Datapad and it's entry I built a scene around it. I was going for a moody lonely foreboding feel, hence the single cabinet light. I made this officer's quarters populated by typical soldier's gear and after hours off-duty effects. The Colonel, Major, or Lieutenant has just received this report for their new mission deployment, and its likely late at night. Notice the clean & empty sink - the telltale sign of a person who rarely spends any time making use of the quarters aboard the fleet starship his squad or platoon's stationed on.

The Datapad screen was a multi-step process. First making a new camera angle render within the original scene, then brought into photoshop, where my custom Holo-Vid camera Scan-Lines effect were added. On the next dozen layers, the rest of the graphics, design, and text was added. Then the screen image was brought back into Carrara where I loaded the datapad, the screen texture for the screen display image. Then a whole new scene was built around the datapad, to create someone's living space / personal quarters. Most likely belonging to a Colonel, Major, Lieutenant, or Sargent . This image was the close-up of the datapad.

Materials & Setup:
Intel Core2Quad Q6600, 2gb ram, Carrara 6.0
Original Resolution: 2048x1536. ~45 minutes render time
Models: Datapad - unknown, DLL-44 by Dodger, Stylus by Ellpro, Beret by HT3D, Level 19 by Stonemason, GFSC by Stonemason, Alien Drone by Antares (Franz Muenz) & converted by Virus, flask - unknown,

Notes: No postwork save signature added to final render. Even the cigarette smoke trail and Caustics lighting from the glass of alcohol and glass ashtray is part of the original render. It could be wine, or probably hard liquor. Also used some custom shaders in lieu of the original textures: on the Flask, sink & faucet, sheathed knife, berret, glass & liquor content, glass ashtray, datapad, glasses & lens, and of course the datapad screen.