Subpro Z-130 Thunderbolt

The Subpro Z-130 Thunderbolt starfighter artwork for Dark Lords of the Sith website. For more details and stats, click here. Additional Technical Notes
Power Plant: A pair of Incom K-27 fusial thrust mounted into housings on the aft lateral sections of the main fuselage serve to propel the starfighter through realspace at sublight speeds. Plus, the engines also provide main power to all ship systems from weapons to sensors to repulsors.
Repulsorlifts: Ikas-Adno 'Wight' repulsor surface are used by Subpro developers to provide anti-gravity and main atmospheric attitude control. Each surface contains 147 micro repulsorlift coils connected in parallel. In case of main power failure, the surface has 4 minutes of emergency charge in battery packs on each wing.
Auxiliary Maneuvering : Four Kuati Reflex-7 thrusters provide additional reaction thrust. Each thruster can pivot within a 100 degree angle along its x- and y-axes for greater performance. Additionally, 2 hydraulically-controlled spoilers give the fighter a last-ditch means of control in the atmosphere. The hydraulics in this system is independent of main power.
Weapons: A single Taim&Bak KT-6 laser cannon with power fed off the starboard engine by default is the ship's only weapon system. In case of starboard engine failure, the pilot needs to manually throw the change-over switch in the cockpit to keep the weapon operational. Very few Thunderbolts have been modified to include an auto change-over circuit.
Main fuselage: The fuselage is made of standard titanium-alloy semi-monocoque structure with frames and stringers to give it its shape & rigidity. It encapsules the ejectable cockpit pod, the life support system, the main computer, sensors and various electrical & hydraulic counduits. The landing rack system allows the ship's or station's grasping claws to mate with the Thunderbolt's inboard section of the wings where it attaches with the main fuselage.
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