Tali Darm, Jedi duellist

Colored version of my previous sketch (And she has a name, now :-) )

Lord Crumb

Extremely well done!!!!  The color and shading are excellent along with the scar.  Maybe Anakin had a following in the Jedi Order among the young Padawans with them scaring themselves.


Lovely work with the backdrop! Gives just enough sense of being 'somewhere' without at all detracting from the figure, and all the colours complement each other so well. It's all just so pleasing to the eye!


Whoa, sorry for not answering your comments. 

@Lord Crumb: Thanks for appreciating. Lol, she didn't do it to copy Anakin :-) In fact she has such a scar on each side of the face (but you can't see it on that pic).

@Tussekr: Thank you, I've put a great care to make an harmonious background, I'm glad it shows :-)

FYI, Tali Darm is soon to be seen in a new pic. Here's a preview of the work in progress: http://storage.canalblog.com/94/35/511002/98795797.jpg




Hey B30 ...   I believe you have access to making a WIP blog... and we encourage all the artists to use it.  It shows everyone your process and is very interesting to watch a piece come to life.


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