Warrior Gunship

As seen in the Black Fleet Crisis Trilogy, this was one of the new class of starships designed for use by the New Republic Navy. It measured 190 meters in length, and was built to punch holes through enemy formations. Their primary mission profile was to be small, fast destroyers, capable of taking out a Star Destroyer or other large combat vessel. They were armed with 10 turbolaser cannons, 8 laser cannons, 4 concussion missile launchers, and boasted enhanced shields and averaged 1,050 km/h.

I've always been intimidated by technology. I was looking through some comics, and decided it was time to draw a spaceship. My illustration is heavily modified from the one found in 'Cracken's Threat Dossier.' I tried to streamline it and not make it look as bulky. Only problem is, I think I made it look much smaller than it is supposed to be. It's a modified ship! ;)

To find out more about Warrior-class gunships, check out 'Cracken's Threat Dossier' by WEG. Art based on Storn Cook's illustration.

Medium: Ink, PhotoShop


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