Xim The Despot - Armour

I reckon Xim was a 'hands-on' type of leader, so here he is in his armour ready to conquer.


Oh man!
Just when I think you can't possibly get any better, and you bring something like this out! That's FANTASTIC!!!

Evan Black

One thing I like about this "Xim series" is that the droids and armor look like they're powered by some strange, ancient energy.


I dunno... this is the first picture I actually have a complaint about. There's nothing technically wrong with the artwork, it's superb - as always! - but in your previous illustration Xim seemed more the cloak-and-dagger type of villain. You know, the kind who poisons your wine and/or stabs you in the back. He just doesn't seem menacing here.

So what am I saying...?

Dunno. :)

I still like the artwork. I'm just not scared of this particular version of Xim the Despot, that's all.

"Cut to the cheese already!"


This was in keeping with the 'Alexander The Great' inspiration, who did all the political intrigue stuff but was also just as happy defeating enemies on the battlefield.


I like the uniformity in armor design between your Xim war droids, and Xim's personal powered armor. And the suit design does make him have that appearance of a soldier from those ancient times. Kind of like a Roman Phalanx or Centurion re-imaged in a Sci-fi setting.

I'm seriously surprised that your work is not used in the new SAGA / SECR SW rpg books.

Core to the Quad baby!!!

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