A blast from the past!

a design for Zardra the Bounty Hunter from the very first D6 adventure supplement 'Tatooine Manhunt '

I. J. Thompson

Fantastic! I always was a Zardra fan, and this is the best picture of her I've seen! :)

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Awesome. In my campaign, one of my players stole her stun cloak, and Zardra did return trying to steal it back. But she was shot though... so....


This is really excellent work. Zardra was one of the first EU characters I discovered, so she'll always have a special meaning for me (along with all the bounty hunters of the early SWRPG).


Hello! I'm from Hungary. I just want to say: you are my favorite fan-artist. Your style is something like, as i always imagined this universe. So your pics are on my screensaver :). I would like to see more from your works. For example some Princes Leia from Splinter of the Mind's Eye. Yub - yub!


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