Voodni Colony Ship


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OK, so when I was reading Wolverine's description on this he said it looked like old technology even though it wasn't which made me thing it should be really monolithic. Before I took it too far I wanted to get something on the page so that I could see if that was even moderately close. The planet is total stand in as is the lens flare, so let's not comment on them shall we? :-)

Comments on the design? Also, how's my lighting and shadows?



I like the idea of it being a big blocky city floating around!
You can make perfectly straight lines in photoshop by taking the brush and making a dot, then hold shift and click where you want the line to extend to. Fairly useful tip I've found for making things with a lot of straight lines on it.
Looks cool!


Definitely looks monolithic, a good start!
A great tip there from Drig, something I often use too and should help you sharpen up those edges. You might also find it useful to use the polygon-marquee tool to select the individual faces and use the gradient tool to get some nice smooth lighting effects. If you're unsure about the lighting, how about building and lighting a quick basic model in 3D to use as reference?
I like the chunky design of this, can't wait to see how it progresses! :)



The ship itself was actually a quick mock-up in 3d, no real detail, and then I just positioned it how I wanted. I was contemplating eventually doing some mock-lighting there as well, but it's important that the ship design be nailed down first.

My wife felt the lines didn't look straight either, but as I turn layers off you can see it line up with the model, so I'm not sure if it's just the angle I picked or what...

Lighting wise I was trying to be more extreme than I usually am with the lighting. I'm still unsure how "right" it is, but I'm at least moderately pleased by the results.



They'll be attached eventually, I just wanted to make sure you liked where this was going.