Images, Updates and Legos OH MY!

Ok, well first off let's chat about the image galleries at for a second or two. My father has come up with what he believes will be a good solid way of converting all the images to their proper owners all at once. Obviously I'm all for this method, so we'll explore that a little yet.

With that in mind I'm going to hold off on people having to do it by hand yet until we can exhaust his option. If what he's proposing works (and I think it will) we may have all the images taken care of in the next couple days (depending upon if he and I can get some more time together).

With that said, I ran across this today in my internet musings and I thought you all might appreciate it. I didn't even read the article, the pictures were just too amazing. Can you say Lego Venator-Class Star Destroyer?

Yeah, I thought you could. :-)