An Audience with a Hutt

This is a scene inspired by an old Roleplay adventure featuring the Jedi Consolars, Zabrak Iffet Doth and Bothan Karsk. In the course of investigating murders on Nar Shaddaa, they are summoned to explain the situation to the Hutt overlord of the area.

In drawing this picture I decided to go with something different than the usual Jabba-like Hutt, inspired by my Mum's pet Fire Salamanders and Tree Frogs. The face owes more to the Frog (coincidently nicknamed 'Jabba') while his colouration is based on that of the Salamanders. I figure that he is a sub-species of Hutt different to any of those seen before (or perhaps a unique mutation.)

This Hutt is also incredibly wealthy and with very different tastes to that of Tatooine-bound Jabba. I wanted his penthouse-suite to be incredibly luxurious with opulent fittings and inhabited by a few elite guards, favoured pets and trusted advisor.

Oh and he apparently really likes purple…

Medium: Pencil, Photoshop


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