Darth Wrayth

While some of my early sketches focused on the actual appearance, I decided in the final image to focus on the "feeling" of the piece, which would make it more accessible and useful to the rest of the community as well. The key element of this particular character (for me, at least) was the interplay of light and dark. A close second was the crystal saber. Combining the two, I came up with something moody and dark that gave the impression of someone both evil and dangerous. I did take some liberties in dressing him in robes, though, which gave me deeper shadows to work with.

Hopefully it was worth the wait.

Original Request:
Darth Wrayth is a male Miraluka from a dark world known as Penumbra. Penumbra is a world orbiting a red dwarf star, meaning it does not produce much in the way of visible light. Once, Penumbra was a colony world of the ancient Sith Empire, but it was abandoned when the Sith Empire fell 1,000 years ago. It was only recently been resettled by the Old Republic. Wrayth, like most of the Miraluka on Penumbra, is a mutation born from human colonists exposed to the force-sensitive crystals of Penumbra. He was born without eyes and, according to his mother, no soul as well, and was left to fend for himself in the streets of the colony. He stumbled across a Sith Holocron while on the run from a vicious gang, and from this holocron he learned the ways of the Dark Side of the Force. He managed to stow away on a freighter and escape Penumbra, and found his way into the Galaxy at large. He discovered a Galaxy in the grip of the Clone Wars. Now, as the war ends and the Empire assumes control, he is seeking out disciples to form a new Sith brotherhood, under the impression that this new Empire will be easy to topple after such a devastating conflict.

Darth Wrayth is tall and very thin, almost to the point of gauntness. Growing up in a mostly lightless environment has left him pale to the point of albinism, and his long hair is a delicate shade of white. He covers his empty eye sockets with a pair of dark round goggles, though he can see perfectly fine through the Force. He wears a longcoat in place of Sith Robes, which he has never felt comfortable in. In the place of a lightsaber he bears a sword made from the crystals of his homeworld, which he can channel raw power through. His training allows him to manipulate shadows and darkness as a weapon, and he can cloak himself in shadows to remain undetected if he wishes.


This is certinly a abstract picture. i like that it have no normal form of art. and the roughness of it make it to me very interesting to look at. I would freak out if i ever ran in to this being.


Funky! Have you played with the smudge tool in Photoshop? I think you would have a lot of fun with it in this particular picture.

The Stray

Not what I was originally imagining when I first requested the character, oh so long ago...but I have no complaints about the final piece. It captures the mood perfectly, and I love the blade.

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