Ask Jybz

Once a deadbeat sergeant of the Miner's Town Police, Ask Jybz enjoyed a brief moment of success celebrity by apprehending the elusive criminal Grith Sak'yal, with the help of a group of young Jedi. His career came to an end when Sak'yal escaped his hospitalized incarceration, killing several MTP patrol officers along the way.

Before his termination, Ask Jybz was often found lounging on his police-issue Ikas-Adno Dust Devil speeder bike and sipping on glass of kerbango. He was slovenly and unkempt, and while he did little to curtail criminal activity on Mon Gazza, he was aware of it all. For adventurers who wished to know details concerning Miner's Town's seedy underbelly, there was always Ask Jybz. Too bad he got fired...


Cool job, I really like it. Especially the rusty swoop looks spot-on, great colors, man!


The pose is great, and the fact that he isnt slim and VERY muscular ala superhero is so refreshing aswell.

so yes as you said, YEAH veriety!

and also yes, great swoop!


//Shadows are but the shape of light...


That's pretty awesome. He looks like he probably smells funny, and if you touched him you'd really want to wash your hands afterwards. I didn't even have to read the description to see that this is the kind of guy who knows things, but oh you don't want to end up owing him favors.

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