CEC S-539-F 'Tagget'

Part of CEC's Starfighter Design Program, this ship is rarely seen outside of the Corellian Sector. One of many CEC starfighter designs, its size and slower speed limited its attraction in a galaxy wide market. Until newer designs became available, it was a favorite of CorSec due to its extreme ruggedness and good atmospheric handling. Decently armed with two laser cannon, a pair of ion cannon, and a small tractor beam, it was almost tailor-made for system patrol and capturing small smuggler vessels. While it has a hyperdrive, limited storage space precludes more than 2 days hyperspace range unless the tractor beam unit is removed.

In my campaign, these fighters are used primarily to defend CEC assets within the Corellian Sector.

Medium: MS Paint


How far along is the fighter design in the timeline? Such as, when did it come out as a design and was it in use before the battle of Endor?

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