Corellian Gal

The fastest gun in the system.


Love it! The style is great and the lighting makes it appear really dynamic, even without any significant background. Great work.

I do awesome things almost daily.
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Your fluid lines, natural colors and secondary lighting is so dang good I have to admit I am jealous, keep up the exemplary work!


Great work, as usual!

I will say that:

A) She looks like she's drawn down on someone she likes, but only just realized it.
B) With all the distractions she has going for her, who'd notice the blaster????

"All I need is more ammo, a little water, and some chips if you got them."


It's awesome to look back and observe the evolution of your art. Your style has certainly solidified and I love it! Keep up the awesome work!


Just terrific stuff.
Out of curiosity though, what is the green glow from? Is there a lightsaber, a radioactive waste site...?


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