Crew: Corona Burn

With drawing the Yuzzem ( Large relative to a Wookie) I had some left over scketches. Decided to not color this in.( But if your willing I will send PDF) Just wanted to do some art dang it.


Looks great! The jedi there looks like he's enjoying life. Looks very heroic. Very cool 8)


He is not so much a Jedi as a Jedi Junkie. He does have a light saber and the robes, but he has no force potential. It's more of Cos play than anything. And if Jenna, the team hacker, can keep Torrodok's giant hand of her chest, it's been a good day.


Interesting concept, Jedi Junkie. What about the middle fella with all the gear? He doesn't seem like a guy you'd wanna cross.


Fellin Torse, Wanna be bounty hunter. Picks up armor where he can. Spent way to much on a custome blaster that he shows off every chance he gets. The Corona Burn is his ship and currently inpounded for back bay rent.

Hablyonus Pense

Nice!  The yuzzem kind of makes me think of the big dragon thing from The Never Ending Story.


This is awesome!! I want the .pdf!!!

I love the casual 'moving aside' of the Yuzzem's hand. Not that this guy has the excuse of ignorance, but it reminds me so much of having to patiently move animals paws/faces away when they get accidentally 'awkward'...


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