General Arana

General Lon Arana, the meanest Tie Fighter pilot this side of the Empire!

And by 'meanest' I mean 'bestest'... I have no idea if he's mean yet, 'cause he has yet to actually be introduced to our party.


i love the expression on his face.

for some reason i imagine him more as a jokester.


Turns out he spent most of the session mildly bewildered by his circumstances. Heh.

Funny that you mention the hair, Mercy... after drawing so many hairLESS species for so long, I always get super excited to actually draw hairstyles of any kind!


Also- Eronion- OH BOY!! Hah, wow that takes me back! And kind of oddly fitting in context.


Oh also - wanted to say I think you NAILED the lighting!!

I keep coming back to this pic - you just know it's part of a story and there's this one minute of "deep breath, you can do this" before he goes off and does something epic. I imagine Luke having a moment like this right before Yavin or something...


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