Getting On

From an art prompt to depict your character getting older. I've actually thought about Jak's ageing a bit in the past... how would it go for her, a skilled shapeshifter with some pretty solid regenerative capabilities, who's always made it a point of pride to stay in top physical condition?

I imagine she'd keep herself in pretty top form for quite some time, but she'd eventually hit a point where, watching Wylluf growing relentlessly older, she'd actually want to start letting her years show. Recognising those changes that would just come naturally and inevitably, not necessarily wilfully healing up every nick and scrape that came her way- or perhaps even losing some ability to shape her body in certain regards. She'd get very light in the face, get more ratty around the ears, tired and slightly weepy eyes. A little more careful in day to day life, a little slower, but ready as ever to take up arms and fight for her family.


Lord Crumb

Great job on the aging to the character.  It takes great skill to pull a character aging through the years.


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